jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

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Title: Hot Dog

                    How to make a Hot Dog.


1-.  If you want to make a Hot Dog, first of all you need to have the ingredients necessary to make it. Make a Hot Dog is very easy but you need to be very careful, it is recommended do the Hot Dog with an adult please.

2-.  When you’ve bought all the ingredients and have in your home, slize the avocado and put in a bowl.

3-.   What you have to do with the bread is cut in halves, then put the bread in the oven and wait some minutes, until the bread is ready.

4-. Then take out the tomato, and do the same that you did with the avocado, slize the tomatoe and put in a different bowl.

5-.  When you have the sausages, open it and put in a pot, then put hot water in the pot and wait until the sausage is ready.

6-.  When the bread is ready, take it off and put in a baker, waiting for the sausages.

7-.  Then when the sausages are ready, take off the bread from the oven, and put the sausages inside the bred.

8-. Then mix the avocado, and put the tomato on top of the sausage, and finally when the avocado is ready put on the tomato.

9-.  If you want, you can add ketchup and mayonnaise, and anything else you would like to add to the Hot Dog, any other sauce.

10-. Enjoy it, thanks for your attention.

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