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binge: A period of excessive indulgence  in an activity, especially drinking alcohol or eating.
obesity: The state of being grossly fat or overweight.
anorexia: Lack or loss of appetite for food.bulimia: An emotional disorder characterized by a distorted body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight, in which bouts of extreme overeating are followed by fasting or self-induced vomiting or purging.manorexia: A term that has been used to refer to anorexia nervosa in males. This is not an officially recognized medical term but has been frequently used in media reports. See also anorexia nervosa.Body dysmorphic disorder:psychological disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with imaginary defects in their appearance       Steroid:any of a large group of fatsoluble organic compounds, as the sterolsbile acids, and sex hormones, most of which have specific physiological action.Bigorexia:Informal term for muscles dysmorphia.   Purging: To rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify. 

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Description Image

Well, on the left side, I can see a young boy, that I suppose that is an african descendient.Also, in the background I see some towers, like a village, where people live, but I suppost that the people live with litle money, because the building are in a poor conditions, with bad painting, and all the buildings are cinked. Also we can see some people that I suppose that are keeping to reconstruct all the village.This picture represents the diversity of the comunities in this world, that some have more that others, and we need to stop with this because all the people have the opportunity to progress.When I went to mexico I went to a lot of parts like this and I feel that this is so bad because all the people need a really good life.

Genders stereotypes

Nowadays the rape in women has increased a lot.
is it correct that women hahve to dress correctly to avoid rape?
It is not correct, women have all the rights to dress how they want, but the very truth is that the rapists will be more excited with a woman who dresses mini skuirt than a nun. it is sad, but its the reality, rapists will be forever, so its best that women accept this and take care of their security avoiding problems and dangers. if we can channge society this will end, but the truth is that this society is going worst every day, so we have to learn how to avoid problems in life, its not just for womas, is for everyone

News repory

Acohol and teenagers
                                                                                                                        Thursday 04 October 2015
Nicolas Ugarte

In 1913, the president of the ONU, approved a law that the alcohol in all the world will be only avialable in adults, but now, the most of the young boys are drinking in parties, causing a lot of problems in the city, because the pubs are selling alcohol to young people.
Also, the adults of these boys are so irresponsables because they doesn't put limits, and also they give so much money to sons, so they use a lot of money in alcohol.
Actually, the supervision in the pubs is aumenting, considerably. approximately in the city london the supervision auments a 75%. all this police comes from Holland and Chile, because in this places the problems with alcohol are so importants, so the police is so proffesional in this aspect.
John White, the boss of the policestation said that " The problem is so important in this country, bacause we need to save the health of these young boys, they are the future of this country, so they need to saty in a good form."
Also Mike cColeman, president of the ONU, said that " this, nowsdays, is increasing considerably, bcause the young boys are taking ti more responsably, and also they wont to experiment new thigns. We also have a big problem with drugs in young kids.
LONDON- In london, alcohol is so common in the old people, but this year, teenagers are interacting with alcohol in the parties to spend a good time.

Cry freedom question

1) Biko wants to know about Mapetla that was took by the police. Donald Woods tell him about the risk of going to a white area, But Biko answer: " This is my country, i go where i like".

2) Mapleta commited suicide by hanged himself in prision. the inquest says that no one was guilty of the Mapleta death, because he hanged himself. But Ken says that Mapleta would never be able to took his own life.

3)I think that in the next chapter Biko will go to cape town and make some speeches and something will go bad. maybe he will be arrest and torture by the police or something like that. they alerted Biko that if he is going back to Cape Town will be dangerous because he is banned and have a lot of problems with the government.

Diary Entry

Dear diary:The last year, my father and mother, tell me that is time to get married, but I have a big problem, I don`t know who is the girl, so I don't love her, my parent says me that this is a very important tradition, so is so important do this, because most of the people in India do this tradition.I don't wanna do this, all my family tell me that is a very good girl, but I really really  don't like the idea.the only thing I want is to marry the woman I want, fall in love with the woman I want without having to keep traditions, because in my view, all people in this world have the right to have a love life with person wanting.

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Description Image.

By the caption of this man, I know that he has a goal, that is increasing his muscular weight also in his arms, possible he use steroid.

At the top, in the middle and at the bottom we can appreciate the bicep of this man, with a rope to measured his bicep.

On the right his big nouse.

I read the caption, and I think that this woman is correct, many girls or woman cant slip away about the men thought, but I don't understand why she is ready to be operated.

In all the image we can see the face of the woman, in the forehead has some marks also in the right in the chin and in the left in the cheek I supose that she is ready to be operated.