lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Alternative Medicine

Why I defended altenative medicine?

Well in this essay, I will speak and defend the alternative medicine in the world. First of all alternative medicine or natural medicine is the medicine that is not from the conventional medicine, this medicine is widely criticized by many people, but, why?

I understand some people that are in against alternative medicine, but also in some people do not understand. Some peoples think that if you give some type of alternative medicine to a sick person, and do not measure the amount of medicine, the sick person can become addicted, an example the marihuana, these people are right. 

But it is not always so, some cases are like this, but most do not, people have to do with another point of view, the point view good, that in some cases the alternative medicine has done very well to people who need this medicine, that are people that not become addicted to it, that this medicine has saved lives, from that point of view we have to see the alternative medicine.

Finally I hope that medicine alternative continue to grow, and spread as much is possible, then I hope that some people think better his critique before alternative medicine, because all the medicine that we have is good.

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