lunes, 10 de junio de 2013

Essay-Traditional Medicine

Why insomnia is best treated with traditional medicine and not with alternative medicine?

Well first of all in this essay I will talk about why it is better to treat insomnia in with traditional medicine and not with alternative medicine.

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders.
Although insomnia is often only seen as difficulty initiating sleep, the truth is that sleep disturbance can take several forms:

-Difficulty falling asleep at bedtime (initial insomnia, the most common of the three)
-Waking up frequently during the night (middle insomnia)
-Waking up too early in the morning, earlier than planned (terminal insomnia)
This prevents the body needs recovery during sleep and can cause daytime drowsiness, poor concentration and inability to feel active throughout the day.

Alternative medicine has certain treatments for this problem, but has no specific treatment, just some homemade recommendations that are not 100% effective, and some recommendations on some plants that could serve, but are also not 100% effective.

Instead traditional medicine has a variety of treatments that anyone could obtain, insurance recommended by professionals and closely observed.

Among the options of traditional medicine, sleeping pills are, they are 100% effective if it is recommended by a professional and should be consumed as, under the supervision of a profesional. Treatment will 100% effective in a couple of weeks.
There is also the longer treatment, which is obviously a professional, and to help you personally daily, you do some physical work to combat insomnia.

And obviously this treatment that has the above two treatments together. In my opinion this is the best.

The difference  between the treatments of traditional medicine and alternative medicine is that traditional is much safer, you know what you do, instead the alternative just keeps what the people say, both are good, but if you want to be sure of what you're consuming and doing, suggest traditional medicine treatments.

Finally I hope that people think better then decision before choosing a treatment and that cases of insomnia are every day less.

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