lunes, 29 de julio de 2013

Sr. Florentino Perez
President of Real Madrid
Real Madrid Football Club
Madrid, España

Mr Florentino, how are you?, I am sending this letter to give out my job application as Director Tecino appearance. I thank my manager finds out that you were looking for candidates for the position and I am able to be the one to fill. I have continued to Real Madrid for years and believe me that is the history and potential of this team. Here I leave my experience Technical Director.

In my experience as technical director, I have story that I have a style, m u like appearance. I won the champions league for two consecutive years and hope to do with team next year. And that is what Real Madrid need. And not only Real Madrid if I too, have segudio to Real Madrid and I feel that we are already one.

As you know sir, obviously would be available every day of the year and at any time to have a meeting with you and hopefully reach an agreement. If interested call me 66677992 or answers for me here. Thank you very much for your time I appreciate it and hope to get to a good result.

Nicholas Ugarte
Choro Maravilla 123

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