martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014



Dear Diary,

Last week I was in the gym consuming some steroids to go to work, when suddenly a child appears, more or less 14 years old, he look of me and said me that why I am consuming that stuff, that type's of supplement?, eventually your body is false, is only a body abundant for bad things, like steroids.

My first reaction was to laugh and do not answer to him, but when I went to my house after gym, and I ate some meat, I thought that the boy possibly was right, but no no! I thought.

Three months passed, and in this three months that pass I couldn't go to the gym because steroids produce a sickness vert dangerous, but I don't think in the child, I thought that was very stupid consume that things, because finally the only benefit was that I feel strong but the true was not that.

When I returned to the gym, I see the child, but know he is not a child, he is very big, and I question to him, how?, he said me, with a good diet only that, I told you.

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