jueves, 25 de junio de 2015

Cape Flats

The caption in this picture is about the people in Cape Flats feel discriminated by black people, but in the past was very different. I think that the communication there and the happiness in there place is very bad, because people that feel discriminated feel very sad, so they doesn`t have any communication with other people.

In the picture we can see in the foreground some children`s sitting in the street and a big building with some problems because in the left is a little boy running, maybe something happened in the building, and in the background are some fireman`s helping in this possible problem that happened there.

In Cape Flats the discrimination is present, so is very sad for the people that live there, I was in NY last year and in many cities that the black people is the most, are not discriminated, and in all the world hopelly be like this.

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