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Acohol and teenagers
                                                                                                                        Thursday 04 October 2015
Nicolas Ugarte

In 1913, the president of the ONU, approved a law that the alcohol in all the world will be only avialable in adults, but now, the most of the young boys are drinking in parties, causing a lot of problems in the city, because the pubs are selling alcohol to young people.
Also, the adults of these boys are so irresponsables because they doesn't put limits, and also they give so much money to sons, so they use a lot of money in alcohol.
Actually, the supervision in the pubs is aumenting, considerably. approximately in the city london the supervision auments a 75%. all this police comes from Holland and Chile, because in this places the problems with alcohol are so importants, so the police is so proffesional in this aspect.
John White, the boss of the policestation said that " The problem is so important in this country, bacause we need to save the health of these young boys, they are the future of this country, so they need to saty in a good form."
Also Mike cColeman, president of the ONU, said that " this, nowsdays, is increasing considerably, bcause the young boys are taking ti more responsably, and also they wont to experiment new thigns. We also have a big problem with drugs in young kids.
LONDON- In london, alcohol is so common in the old people, but this year, teenagers are interacting with alcohol in the parties to spend a good time.

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