lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015

Cry freedom question

1) Biko wants to know about Mapetla that was took by the police. Donald Woods tell him about the risk of going to a white area, But Biko answer: " This is my country, i go where i like".

2) Mapleta commited suicide by hanged himself in prision. the inquest says that no one was guilty of the Mapleta death, because he hanged himself. But Ken says that Mapleta would never be able to took his own life.

3)I think that in the next chapter Biko will go to cape town and make some speeches and something will go bad. maybe he will be arrest and torture by the police or something like that. they alerted Biko that if he is going back to Cape Town will be dangerous because he is banned and have a lot of problems with the government.

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