jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013


Religous Tattos.

In this text I will not support one side than the other side, I mean in this text are the side of the positives people that think that is good and the people that think that the tattos are not very good, because tattos are very ugly or tattos are symbols of offensive and a lot of causes, but doesn't matter I will explain this point of view in the other paragraphs.

Well, as I said in the other paragraph are two or more peoples that have a different points of view, but I will focus in two no more, that is easy, the people that likes tattos and defended and the people that doesn't likes tattos.

This people that doesn't like tattos are very offensive in some cases but, the thing that I don't understand is why this people make a lot of problems only for somes tattos, how they can know that the people that have tattos, have this tattos because the tattos that they have represent his religion, in my point of view is good that some people claim but I think that is a foul of respect, this people can claime but in silence. 

Well if I see this cases in the other point of view, I will ''¿say why this people that have this type of religous tattos can show his religion in another way and not making tattos in all the body?'', but well I cant not say more of this point of view because the people that have this tattos are in all its freedom to do it, and I cant say more because I am not in the case, but eventually you have to respect other's things and what they mean for them.

Finally one has to respect the other, because you never know what that symbol can mean for them. And claim but in silence.

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