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Well, my caption is about the sale and rental of  video games to minors, must be regulated in our country, that in this moments are taking a lot of importance in all the world.

1-. The things that I learnt in class help me a lot to do this work. In this cases is two types of people, the people that think positive of this caption and the other people that think negative. In my opinion is good but with the supervision of the parents of the childrens that buy that both things.

2-. Well, I take some opinions from different people that talked about this problem that is happening in this moments.

The first opinion that I took was the opinion of CNN TV program, was very interesting the things that this TV program said about this topic. This people talk about the violence of this video games, this violence take some consecuences in some childs that buy this video games, one example was the boy that kill his grandmother some months ago in Brazil, the reason of this dead was that this boy played a lot this videogames, in special the videogame called GTA.(CNN)

3-. The second opinion that I took was the opinion of some parents that in some pages of Internet, said that  everything is okay while regulated by us, with this expression this parents are defending the sale and rental of video games to minors. (Yahoo)

Three importants things: The two sides of this opinions.
                                     Ex: Boy in Brazil
                                     Describe the picture

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