martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Letter Reclamation CNN

Av. Lexington, New York City.                                                    April. 22. 2014.

Dear, Mr. CEO of CNN.                                                            

Well I write this letter to your TV program because I don't think and a lot of people don't think that is appropriate make some news without all the information that you need to make news, I am talking about the new of the pilots of the airplanes that make some driving mistakes. It's okay that these pilots made this mistakes but is not to treat them badly or tell in the TV program that they are criminals.

As you know your TV program if they had some problems before to I don't know, takeoff, or whatever that could happened, I think that in the others TV programs they have all and the security that the information is true and not assuming that is ''true'' like your TV program. With all the respect to your program I think that before that you give a news you need to think in all the people that may feel offended. I don't know is it true or not your news is only a recommendation and to be careful with other news.

Thanks for your time.
Zinedine Zidane.

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