lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014


Dear Diary:

My diary, much tine has passed without writing you, but well I' am here now, I need to tell you some things that in this week happen here in the house. I' am feeling very tired, very strange and also very harassed, you know that this man is very strange these days its like he wants to kill me, haha is absurd.

Well let's talk about me and not the other man, as you know I'am very sick, I don't feel very good, and less with this man that every day is more stranger.

¡Oh! I had forgotten to tell you that the man looks all the time my eye and every night comes to my room and stays at least five minutes or more, ¿how I know diary?, because I feel him diary is not normal that but well, I don't think that whatever is happening is because of my eye.

These strange nights kept passing, but diary in one of these nights, the worst thing will happen, he will kill me diary.

Goodbye my Dear Diary.

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