jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

Individual Oral

1) Health.

2) I will talk about the health in different places of he world, and compare the quality of each, I will give some % of some sickness if are increasing or decreasing, and some personals opinion.

3) I will talk in detail of everything that catch my attention.

4) I don't know to the caption, but I will use the caption to help and also by the caption talk more for so talk about other things.

5) I will compare many places with the health of Chile like United States, Canada, Australia and places like that, but the important is the different qualities that they have.

6) This three things, obviously have a connection and also I know a lot of health so will be not complicated.

7) All the information that I am learning about health, why the health in Chile is bad and in another places not, many things that the information of health give me I will say it.

8) Some questions difficult, because I am ready to all questions like, what I think about the health here and that, I suppose that the question will be easy.

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