jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015


Steroid: Organic chemical plant or animal origin which is the basis of many hormones and bile acids and whose biological function is varied.

Last week I was in the gym and some building man's was using some steroid.

Purging: is an eating disorder characterized by recurrent purging.

My friend had purging.

Binge: eating disorder.

The British, for instance, seen in terms of consumer habits, are what is called binge drinkers.

Obesity: is a medical condition that is about excess of body fat.

In the last year's the % of obesity in Chile is decreased.

Anorexia: a specific disease characterized by self-induced weight loss accompanied by a distorted body image.

Some people think that are fat, but they don't know that is only anorexia.

Bulimia: is psychological disorder food characterized by the adoption of behaviors in which the individual moves away from the ways of healthy eating.

My mother suffered cause of bulimia.

Manorexia: is the same of Anorexia, but in the man's.

Manorexia is worst than anorexia.

Bigorexia: behavioral disorder characterized by the obsession to get a muscular body.

The % of bigorexia is decreased.

Body dysmorphic disorder: its a major concern and unusual for a perceived defect in physical characteristics.

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